Our Steam Cleaning Services…

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Our Steam Cleaning Services…

December 12, 2019 Uncategorized 0

You might not realise it, but Steam is an incredibly powerful cleaning tool that gets used heavily across a range of different sectors and work environments…

There are a number of things that make steam such a unique method of cleaning and why we will sometimes gravitate towards its use in certain settings…

  1. Steam cleaning is actually a very powerful tool that can be used to combat some of the sorts of really stubborn stains that might be a problem for other cleaning products. The types of products we are talking about here might be things like oil, grease, rust or paint in an industrial setting. In a Food & Drink environment, more common challenges would be substances like flour, sugar and grease.
  2. All you need is Steam! In the vast majority of cases, steam on its own (when powered by a high pressure system) is enough to clean most areas and remove bacteria and the like from the area. This means no need for hazardous chemicals to be used as part of the cleaning process – which is not only safer for the employees in the immediate area – but is also a more environmentally friendly way to clean – as well as cheaper!
  3. As a result of needing no additional chemicals to products – steam cleaning produces no waste materials or leaves any residue behind! Making cleaning incredibly quick and easy!
  4. We are able to clean in an even more environmentally friendly way, by utilising our unique rainwater conversion system which retains and repurposes rainwater for industrial cleaning use!
  5. When you combine all of the factors above into one package – steam cleaning is a fast, efficient – and crucially cost efficient – way of cleaning in a range of specialist environments.

To talk about us your specialist cleaning requirements and how you might be able to take advantage of the great potential of steam cleaning as part of your facilities management regimen – be sure to get in touch with the team today!


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