What is High Level Cleaning?

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What is High Level Cleaning?

December 12, 2019 Uncategorized 0

A lot of people sometimes forget that while dust and dirt is very visible at ground level and around us, the same issues are also being created above head height as well…

You see often – in all kinds of facilities; from factories to offices, dust builds up and sometimes is dispersed and settles at high-levels. While this sounds innocuous enough – over time, it can create real problems for building owners and facilities managers.

In an office space – the problem might be as simple as a cosmetic one; dust isn’t a great first impression to be met with. In other environments however – such as a grain storage silo for example – this build up of dust could be potentially fatal; as combustible dust can create the perfect fuel for explosions and secondary explosions.

As such – cleaners and FMs across a range of industries turn to Corvac for assistance with their high-level cleaning. By utilising the very best in cleaning technology and a unique approach to the problem; we are able to offer our clients a fantastic service for high-level cleaning at a fraction of the cost of traditional cleaning methods.

You see traditionally – accessing these high-level areas was both a skill in itself – oftentimes requiring expensive and time consuming access equipment such as scaffolding and cherry pickers – and only half of the battle; as workers still had to work at height to complete the cleaning work as well. At Corvac though – we do things a little differently.

By using our new SpaceVac cleaning systems – we are able to access these high-level areas (up to 15m high!) from the safety of the ground floor. Not only does this make cleaning significantly safer (with no need to ever step foot off of the ground) but it also makes cleaning projects very fast and significantly cheaper to complete with no need for additional equipment or team members.

Even better – the system can be used inside for cleaning internal areas – including ones that have been rated as ATEX Zone 20,21 and 22 – or outside for the fast efficient cleaning of blocked gutters and downpipes.

You can see in the short videos below the SpaceVac system in action and how it works:

To talk to us about your specific high-level cleaning requirements, and how we might be able to assist, be sure to get in contact with the team today!


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