Dry Ice Grit Blasting

Providing specialist outsourced cleaning solutions to industry.

Dry ice grit blasting system is based on R&D and testing

…proving that combining dry ice with abrasive agents leads to a far more powerful and faster blast cleaning method compared to the cleaning methods separately. In fact applying dry ice reinforces and accelerates the abrasive action of the grit.

Cleaning and Refurbishment:

Rust removal, paint stripping, graffiti removal

Hardened Organic Material

Stubborn material removal is made fast and easy with our innovative technology.


Surface roughening before painting

A Flexible Solution:

It can be used to clean buildings, infrastructure and
other objects of different nature (wood, metal, stone etc.) that require an abrasive touch.

A Faster, Better Way…

With Thought Lion Ltd Dry Ice Grit Blasting services
you can achieve the same results as conventional grit blasting (realise surface finish: Sa 2.5) but generally faster and with only a fraction of the waste.

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