High Level Cleaning

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High Level Cleaning

High-level areas present unique challenges for cleaners and facilities managers; dust, diry and debris can quickly collect above eye level and create a number of problems. From blocked guttering on the outside of buildings, to the build up dust and potentially combustible dust inside, these high-level areas require regular cleaning and maintenance to ensure that not only do areas stay clean and hygenic, but also safe for inhabitants and in compliance with insurance and legislative best practise.

Introducing SpaceVac:

Corvac are able to provide a fast, safe and crucially; cost effective method for cleaning these inaccessible areas using our SpaceVac systems. This offers a number of advantages over traditional cleaning methods:

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A Safer Way

By cleaning from the safety of the ground floor – instead of using access equipment, we completely remove all of the inherent risks that come with working and cleaning at height.

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With no need to assemble or move scaffolding or cherry pickers, SpaceVac enables these high-level cleans to be completed in a fraction of the time.

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Cost Effective 

By cleaning faster and with no need for additional access equipment, SpaceVac enables us to complete cleans at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods

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Minimal Disruption

With a low operating volume, minimal footprint and fast completion of cleans, SpaceVac allows us to complete cleaning work with minimal impact on operations and reducing downtime significantly.

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